Watch Different Drummers (2013) Movie Online Streaming Free Full Movie Stream in HD

Different Drummers (2013) Full Movie Online

Watch Different Drummers 2013 Movie Online Streaming. This Drama movie released on 2013-05. When David, in a wheelchair with muscular dystrophy, accurately foretells the death of their fourth grade teacher, a doubtful Lyle decides to test the existence of God by attempting to get David to run again.

Different Drummers 2013 Movie Storyline

Different Drummers is based on a true story about two unusual boys in Spokane, Washington in the mid 1960s. In this more innocent time, when body builder Jack Lalanne ruled the airwaves, the two heroes, a couple of elementary school students, make a bold attempt to triumph over mortality through friendship. Eleven year old David is slowing down and is now wheelchair-bound by muscular dystrophy, while Lyle can’t stop speeding up. Back then, he was referred to as having a condition called MDB (Minimal Brain Dysfunction) but today he would be diagnosed with “Attention Deficit Disorder.” Lyle wants more than anything to get David out of his wheelchair and running again, and he concocts a wild scheme involving a science project, some firemen, drummers, the school principal, a cop and a hand-walk across the school gymnasium, among other things. It works like this: Inspired by his TV idol, Lalanne, and his message of “intestinal fortitude and willpower,” Lyle manages to convince David that …

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Different Drummers 2013 Movie Detail:

Movie Title : Different Drummers
Genre : Drama / Family
Runtime : 107 min
Release Date : 2013-05
Rating :
Stars : Brayden Tucker as Lyle Hatcher, Ethan Reed McKay as David Dahlke, Colleen Carey as Miss O’Donnell, D.R. Anderson as Mr. Merrick, Meg McLynn as Mrs. Dahlke, Lisa Coronado as Mrs. Hatcher, Dawn Hunter as Mrs. Stewart, Sandra Olgard as Mrs. Maxfield, Damon Mentzer as Mr. Hatcher, Randy Weatherbee as Mr. Dahlke, David Brown-King as Dennis Dahlke, Ron Ford as Ben the Bus Driver, Linda Gower as Mrs. Thompson, Caroline Slater as Sharon Anne, Jonah Beres as Steve Hatcher

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